Cecilia Henle

          ...Her artworks have been exhibited and collected across the United States and Europe for more than twenty years. 


The Pastels are known for their rich textures and stories depicting ancient rock and cave art from Europe to the Americas.

The Oils are texture-rich multi-layered and organic, semi-abstract, with the addition of gold and copper leaf and patinas.

The Watercolors showcase a more realistic approach to well-loved subjects, floral and figurative.

The Pen & Ink Artwork is yet another side of the creative dream-world of the artist, with dark shadowy surreal characters populating a landscape of the inner realms.


" Art is amazing. It opens one up to larger worlds, both real and imaginary. 

In my journey to understand the cultures and people that inspire me in my work, I have been reminded again and again of where it all started. 

The study of the first art ever created has helped me know art in a new way that transcends culture,  boundaries and beliefs, and brings us together as one human species who have the incredible gift of creative expression."