Corporate and Private Commissions are available on request.

I want to tell you how easy it is to acquire art that complements your working environment !

Henle Studio offers you a complete service, beginning with a free consult and art proposal, to the production, delivery and installation of the artwork.

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"Planar Suite",  16' oil on canvas, Planar Corp., Beaverton, OR 

     Artwork will enhance your direct experience of your working life simply by being helps increase productivity and creativity by inspiring and being a place for the eye to rest, and it helps connect you with the right side of your brain. When you have access to a richer (not busier!) visual environment, you function better and produce better results.

    It is well known that in medical recovery units, soothing images actually help the patient heal faster and remain calmer, (while harsh images and some forms of dark expressionistic abstracts make them nervous and fearful.) What we see effects us more than we think! At Henle Studios, you will find quality abstract paintings in oil on canvas or birch panel, pastel on hand-made papers in her signature Southwestern style, portraits and florals in watercolor on archival paper, and textural primitive art on canvas with gold and copper leaf.

Brian D'Ambrosio Real Estate Developers, Portland, OR : 7 custom abstract oil on panel paintings

    Cecilia is a professional artist that can create customized art that will be the perfect fit for your office.

Contact Cecilia for a free consult in your office. This will give us an understanding of your preferences, your office space and your company image, and helps to determine the perfect artwork for you in style, color, size, depth and appropriate substrate or framing. Cecilia will help you clarify your goals in creating the right visual impact to represent you and your business. Original art can help to create a visual experience for your customers and clients that can help them remember you, and serve your overall company image.



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for a personal, friendly and relaxed consultation.


Installation expert preparing artwork for site installation. 

I will follow up by sending you one or several virtual galleries online, with artwork that complements your office space, colors and decor. I will be able to offer you quality artwork and will work with you to fit your budget and schedule.

Lease options are available on some portable artworks!

Henle Studio offers a great lease option that has many advantages.

A lease option arrangement helps to conserve capital and gives you valuable tax benefits. Works on Canvas are painted on highest quality heavyweight 100% cotton canvas with deep edges. All edges are painted all around, and the artwork is ready to hang.Works on Wood are created using primed and painted high quality birch. Works done on birch panel are set 1/2" above a dark colored wood substrate with brushed steel or brass anchors. This is a very modern look, and works well with abstracts in particular.Works on Walls can add value to your establishment, and have a wonderful and lasting visual impact on clients and customers. I will work with you to create the perfect mural design that will have people wanting to return. Murals can be painted directly on walls, or on large canvas that is adhered to the wall, yet is removable! Murals on canvas disappear into the wall, and are perfect if you are leasing or renting, or simply want to change it's location.