Three River Ponies

Three River Ponies

Congratulations to Dee-Dee Georgoulakos, who purchased “Three Rivers Ponies” with my Studio Payment Plan.
Dee-Dee owns 5 of my originals, and her mother owns 2! (wow!)  What a nice surprise to hear from such enthusiastic art lovers!
The frame on this one is one of the old ones, so I gave her a discount on the frame. This is one of my favorite pieces.

Three River Ponies

“Three River Ponies”   40 X 80″  Pastel on hand-made bark paper

Some detail shots:



All of my “primitive” pastels are done on  hand-made bark paper or Amate, which has an amazing history.

It’s made by the Otomi Indians, and is listed in the Library of Congress as being the oldest known paper in the Western Hemisphere.

The Otomi have made it the same way for centuries, from the bark of ficus and mulberry trees.

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