Stuff Artists Need to Know

I’ve just read a wonderful article on ‘trackbacks’ which *finally* takes the mystery out of it and actually explains what they are. (There’s a link to her blog in my sidebar.)
Nothing to do with tiny animals leaving paw-prints in your journal.

Read this enlightening article by Susan Reynolds:

The Truth about Trackbacks – How they Work

How Trackbacks Work

It’s all about how to connect.

While you’re there, check out some of the other interesting stories and links…if you are a creative person you will like the supportive atmosphere and scads of good information she makes available.

I happened to be reading an article from her “files from the funny zone” and the guest author, Mai Liis :

An Enmeshed Tale – Deep in the Heart of Texas

…turned out to be an artist in AJMarketing (on Yahoo), another fabulous group I am in. It is a wonderful source of art marketing and web tutorials! Small World?

Here is Mai Liis’ wonderful website and a link to her journal:


It’s really just one big party time around the online arts neighborhood.