Kitty’s In the House

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Thanks to everyone who has emailed support and love. The move home brought so many changes in lifestyle, but so much gained….

Life is on the up-swing …and after a day like today, who can doubt that the magic never left? The birds were singing so loudly in so many voices, as the morning advanced, and the drive to town down gravelly roads lines with farmland beauty and river valley views…..I felt inspired and bathed in Natures elegance, the warmth of the day and sun settling in around my shoulders like a lovers mantle.

What dreams may haunt my nights can only spark another painting, another fuel for my art, another thank you for my own voice that I now hear so clearly.
This afternoon, I was at the cafe, we were all laughing so loudly, so uproariously at each other. This is so good, such good, good healthy medicine. I feel I am on the right path, the right highway, the right direction, with the right people around me!!!

Kiwi, the comical Senegal is just loving the people and extra animals in his life. He is having adventures every day, and he will be writing his news so look for them in his  pages here.


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