Henle Studio Update

I will be moving into my new studio soon.

I will be taking a short break from journaling for a few more weeks, and then I will be back to share  art news from my studio.

For now; the news is that I have left Studio Art Direct as their curator, due to contractual difficulties on their part (ie being able to pay me). I have been hired for an independent role with a company that is more established, has sound footing and experience placing artwork and working with Interior Designers.

I’ve recently been invited to play a role in the development of the company, and I believe that I will enjoy working with them. They have shown integrity in their work and their policies with artists are direct and up-front.

I learned quite a bit from my 6-month + time working for S.A.D., and building her company up for her while she was at her day job. I was looking forward to a steady build for the company , but many start-up companies fail due to lack of capital and planning, and the position I had been hired for just wasn’t possible for them any longer.
More news in a few weeks!