Leaping Antelope

Recently I was commissioned to paint a pastel on hand-made bark paper, in the SW series style. My client wanted a painting similar to one that he had seen online and fallen in love with, so I am doing a smaller version with some changes, of this piece.


All of my “primitive” pastels are done on  bark paper or Amate, which has an amazing history. It’s made by the Otomi Indians, and is listed in the Library of Congress as being the oldest known paper in the Western Hemisphere. The Otomi have made it for centuries.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 3.49.08 AM

I have used the “Buckskin” color bark paper, it has a slightly green tint.



“Leaping Antelope II”


Pastel & gold leaf   24 x 32″ on hand-made bark paper


I will be framing the art as well, floated on suede mat in a shadow-box type frame.

Picture 2

Leaping Antelope was an Indian warrior captured and held in one of the many cavalry forts on the plains.



Here is the original painting, which was much larger, and two panels…

Leaping Antelope Original

“Leaping Antelope”    32 X 48″ Diptych

Pastel on hand-made bark paper