Cathedral Commission Progress

Drawing the Saint Paul Cathedral (Minnesota)  was a huge undertaking.

The Cathedral is simply amazing inside. Take a look here: Cathedral of Saint Paul in St Paul, Minnesota

…I am lucky to have had architectural training, it helped.

I know the photos are less than perfect- I took these over many months, in different times of day, and they are taken with my iPhone.

The tones in the actual painting are a mix of warm and cool…the actual stone of the Cathedral can shift so much depending on the light.

Here is the beginning -drawing completed and first layers of transparent glaze…

(click to view larger)


Framing in the Arch, and getting a feel for how I want to paint the stone…..


Taking shape with more layers of glazing…


I had put off one of the hardest parts for as long as I could…the statues of the Apostles…above the arch.

The actual area I had to work with is only about 2″ high. …….( “bukbukbuk….!”)

Not perfect, but works in the overall piece. I will add some tiny details after it’s mostly done. This part takes a LOT of patience…..


I will be making some adjustments to the landscape aroundf the Cathedral,  to reflect  more early springtime, a few buds and shoots of grass. I will also add a few deeper glazing layers to the sky……

Cathedral Progress 3:14

Now- here, I’m just being a little playful, and imagining what an arch-top mat would look like….


Look for more progress to come…I will add it here.

May 1

Here are more photos of the progress on the Cathedral- “changing seasons” to early spring. It really changes the whole feel of the atmosphere.

I also took a big leap, and glazed the purple dome with a mix of sienna and rose madder. Now, it looks more like the copper is “turning”.



This is a before and after -adding the warmer atmosphere of spring greens.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 4.00.12 PM