Painting in Progress

Commission for an amazing woman. Diptych- In progress, first layers. This piece is about the dancers path, and allegorical connections abound. Laying in the primary shapes is always a surprise to me- the canvas invites, and I leave this world. I have no idea where I am going, only a deep inner movement whose motivation springs from intuition and compassion, and sets me in motion. I don’t consciously think any thoughts at all- vision takes over in a deep and quiet way. I always come away from these sessions feeling revived and somehow clearer.

Detail of Work in progress…

I have been playing around with adding LED’s to the back of the canvas….it is magical….and illuminates the paint in ways that you can’t see when lit from the front.
Dancer copy
I would not paint a face, a rock,
nor brooks, nor trees. Mere semblences
of things, but something more than these.

That art is best to which the soul’s range
gives no bound. Something besides the
something beyond the sound.

8th Century