Back from MinneSNOWta!

Egads- I have been away for a whole month! Two weeks in OH & two weeks in MN, for Christmas.

I was able to knit about 22 scarves – all beautiful, for my family, bro’s, sis, nieces & nephews…..all of them having at least some of my mother’s yarn in them.  I barely covered the first round of family…lol….I now have about 23 N&N’s and a godzillion great-N&N’s! 23 X 2.5!!! What a delight to watch the interaction, feel the love, playfulness, teasing, pranks and comradery between them all.

Studio sale is going on here…I’m selling off most of my surplus art supplies, cleaning house, paring down, and simplifying my life. I’ll make a road-trip out to my coastal galleries, and drop off some framed work.

Kiwi learned how to say “Waaaah!”. Some kind of sick joke from my friends who looked after him while I was away! I’ll get them. I’m going to teach their Iguana how to spit.