Art Studio St. Paul

Wow- what a year it has been!

My journey from Oregon to Mn has been full of surprises, and new adventures. I finally got to move into my downtown artist’s loft, and I love it. Wide open space- 16′ ceilings, exposed brick walls on two sides, and huge windows surrounding the golden oak floors. I’m in artist heaven.


I am surrounded by other artists- as in the photo above-and it is inspiring to see their process and creativity at work. Our artist’s co-op will be one among the many St. Paul buildings on the upcoming Spring Art Crawl tour of Open Studios.

I have also been working at a Gallery for the past 4 months…learning quite a lot, and loving it. It was sad when it closed down last week, I had mixed feelings…glad to be back in my own studio… but even more aware of how many galleries are closing after talking to many others during our liquidation sale. I truly hope that the new White House will bring about some much-needed positive change for the arts in this country.

In other news, National Geographic’s publishing house has licensed one of my paintings for one of their books. I will show it when it is published, after I receive the images and story.

Little Kiwi is asleep on my shoulder as I type, his fluffy head buried in his downy back feathers, balancing asleep on one tiny leg…

Peace and Beauty to all.