Architecture in Watercolor

Architecture in Watercolor

Painting the Cathedral of Saint Paul

The next commission I will be working on is an architectural piece, which will utilize my small amount of architectural training.

When I was just beginning college, I had chosen an architecture school in Portland, and I attended a year and a summer of wonderful classes. My artwork of the New Market Theater columns (being windows into scenes of historic and preserved elements in Oregon) won to become the National Historic Preservation Week’s poster for that year. I re-assessed my future, and transferred out into art school.


My art challenge right now, though, is to paint the St. Paul Cathedral.

The watercolor will be painted in a triptych format, with the central large painting being the entire Cathedral, flanked by two more slender paintings- of the Cathedral’s marble statues.

The Cathedral is simply amazing inside. Take a look here: Cathedral of Saint Paul in St Paul, Minnesota


I’m setting up my art studio now-   🙂 ….

This is a temporary transitional space, until about Dec/Jan, when I would like to be moved closer to the Twin Cities in my own place.

It will take about a week to plan the composition and do the underlying drawings for the watercolor.

Now, the fun begins. I will create a page for this commission, and post updates to it as I progress.

Here is a sneak peek at the completed drawing:

To read and see photos of more of my progress…..from my new studio loft in Saint Paul, go to this page:

   Cathedral Commission Page.