Abstract Commission for Sheila Nosbush

Abstract Commission for Sheila Nosbush

Fall Art Crawl patron Sheila Nosbush contacted me several months after the Crawl, and visited my studio with her new husband. Sheila loved one of my primitive oil on canvas works….and wanted something similar, without the “cave horses”. (Which is funny- because I have been abstracting my primitive oils more and more anyway!) They commissioned an abstract triptych oil on canvas.. Three panels of 12×36″.

I will be showing the progress photos of this work. So far, I have worked on about 4 layers! This piece is exiting, and I am having fun thinking about the new couple, and the “windows of opportunity” they will have together in life. This is the focus of my intent behind the work. Lots of texture and visual free-form symbology, gold and copper and silver leaf are making it a rich visual feast for the eyes.

There are sveral more layers to come, including silver leaf, cerulean blues, and red golds. 🙂

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First Layer:

1st Layer Abstract

Second Layer:

2nd Layer Abstract

Third Layer:

3rd Layer Abstract

Fourth Layer:

4th Layer Abstract

Some Detail Photos:

detail   detail 2  4 layers